News, 04.09.2017

A Belgian-Swiss affair

The innovative L’Echappée beer was the result of a chance encounter between a Swiss businessman and two Belgians. The straw-coloured beer offered by the Rouvinez vineyard is available in glass bottles produced by Vetropack’s Ukrainian plant.

Vetropack Gostomel’s new 0.375-litre glass bottle for the L’Echappée beer produced by the Rouvinez vineyard in Valais, Switzerland, is second-to-none in terms of design. The simple body flows seamlessly into the neck area, which lengthens the bottle like a drawn-out thread. The yellow crown cork provides a strong contrast to the bottle’s dark amber colour. The simple label wraps around the neck of the bottle as cheekily as the scarf of a bohemian.

The “craziest innovation in the vineyard’s 70-year history” was created in Belgium, where Frédéric Rouvinez, responsible for managing the family-owned company, met two young brewers from Liège on a trip. The consequence of the encounter is an unfiltered Belgian pale ale with a secret yeast mixture from Belgium and water from the Swiss Alps. Other ingredients include roasted and caramelised barley malt, wheat malt and hops.