News, 06.02.2017

A feast for the eyes and the taste buds

The Slovakian Vetropack plant produces part of the green glass bottles used for true fruits’ green smoothie. The unique tops developed in-house allow you to reuse true fruits bottles as teapots, salt shakers or vinegar bottles.

The cheerfully coloured smoothies made by true fruits are a real delight to behold. Vetropack Nemšová supplies part of the green glass bottles for the equally green smoothie. Behind the 0.25 litre bottle sporting a twist-off mouth lies the guiding principle “true fruits – no tricks”, a very fitting one for glass packaging. The bottles are screen-printed and, alongside information about the product and its contents, their surface also features increasingly creative texts. With ingredients like kale, spinach, ginger, matcha tea and a generous portion of fruit, these green smoothies are a real hit. They are available to buy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Glass bottles provide perfect protection for their contents. And because their bottles are so valuable, true fruits has come up with some upcycling ideas using various closure systems: from a tea strainer and salt or sugar shaker through to little bottles for oil or vinegar.