News, 17.07.2017

A field full of flowers

Vetropack Gostomel is manufacturing the new 0.4-litre bottle for VODA UA mineral water. Engraved poppies, Ukraine’s national flower, climb up the flint glass.

VODA UA mineral water comes from springs of the central part of Ukraine, the region is also called “small carpathians”, and contains valuable minerals and trace elements. It is available still or sparkling. The 0.4-litre bottle with a silver screw cap is produced by Vetropack’s Ukrainian plant in Gostomel.

The national flower of Ukraine – the poppy – is engraved onto the flint glass bottles. They appear to be growing up from the bottom of the bottle and highlight the mineral water’s natural origin. One look at the bottle is enough to make you feel like you are standing in a field full of red poppies.