News, 06.06.2017

A refreshing drink from deep below the surface

Protected from any harmful substances, MAYA mineral water flows through the layers of rock found in the Mavrovo National Park in Macedonia. It is available in flint glass bottles manufactured at Vetropack’s Croatian plant.

Close to the Macedonian city of Debar is a village called Gari, where MAYA mineral water produced by ML-Gari is bottled. Vetropack Straža is responsible for manufacturing the flint glass bottles that hold this natural thirst quencher. They have a silvery-blue screw cap and come in two sizes: 0.25 and 0.75 litres. With its clear lines and discreet label, the bottles’ design emphasises the purity of their exquisite natural contents. The route the water takes from the MAYA source and on through layers of rock appears above the letter “Y”.

With its source deep below the surface of the Mavrovo National Park, the water is one of a kind thanks to a perfect balance of minerals and the purest natural spring water. A sumptuous drink like this needs elegant packaging and glass is the perfect match.