News, 16.05.2016

A showstopper in glass

Croatia’s biggest spice producer, Šafram, packages its spices in glass containers made by Vetropack Straža.

In Croatia, the name of the family-run business Šafram is synonymous with its delicious red powdered paprika, which is available in both sweet and hot varieties. Yet the company, which is built on a tradition dating back to 1991, also includes other spice blends in its product range, along with dried fruit and vegetables. Recently, Šafram’s popular spices have started to be sold in 0.12 litre glass jars from Vetropack’s Croatian plant. These transparent flint glass containers come with a simple closure, with either a shaker feature or a spice mill. The technical challenge in developing these jars was to design the mouth so that the mill and the container would form a unit and would not suddenly break apart when the spice is being ground.