News, 16.10.2017

A stylish Lager

Vetropack’s Ukrainian plant is producing the new green-glass bottles for Heineken Romania’s Ciuc beer. The drink is available in two sizes: 0.33 and 0.5 litres.

Heineken Romania launched Vetropack Gostomel’s new green-glass bottles in spring. The 0.33 and 0.5-litre bottles boast a traditional design, with the long neck and softly rounded shoulders flowing into the sleek body. “Premium quality made in Romania since 1974“ is engraved in capital letters on the front. The 0.33-litre bottle has a twistoff crown cap and the 0.5-litre bottle has a simple crown cap.

The well-known lager is brewed by Miercurea Ciuc, one of four breweries owned by Heineken Romania. Mirroring the design, the ingredients of the lager beer are also traditional: water, barley malt and hops.