News, 25.07.2016

An ideal accompaniment for pizza

The Ukrainian wine market is welcoming a new addition – a fine wine in a small but perfectly formed package that tastes great with pizza. This Pizzavino is produced by Kotnar and comes in 0.375 litre bottles made by Vetropack Gostomel.

Pizza is one of many people’s favourite meals and Pizzavino wine is the perfect match for this Italian dish. Whether you prefer your wines red or white is a matter of taste, but Pizzavino is available in both varieties: as a dry and semi-dry Traminer wine with a sweet, tea rose aroma or as a dry and semi-dry Merlot with a fruity, redcurrant flavour.

The 0.375 litre bottles, which are made of transparent flint glass or olive-coloured glass, are produced at Vetropack’s Ukrainian plant in Gostomel. Their light and compact design makes them ideal for a day out in the countryside or a pleasant picnic by the water. And you don’t even need to remember to take a bottle opener with you, as these bottles come with a screw cap.