News, 03.07.2017

An old grape with a new look

Near the border with Slovenia lies the Italian wine-growing region of Colli Orientali del Friuli. The “Ribolla Gialla” white is pressed from an old variety of grape and filled in glass bottles produced at Vetropack’s Italian plant in Trezzano.

High quality, elegance and clear lines are what set apart the cuvée bottle for Tenimenti Civa's ribolla gialla wine. A large “R” is engraved above the white paper label on the 0.75-litre bottle manufactured by Vetropack Italia. Although originally made for sparkling wines, the bottle is now also used for reds and whites.

Until recently, Civa Group was primarily known for selling wines but it is now channeling its many years of experience into producing the very first one of its own. Ribolla gialla is a subtle, dry white made from an old variety of grape by the same name plus a small proportion of chardonnay grapes. Its flowery, fruity taste is the ideal accompaniment to cold starters, soups or fish dishes.