News, 19.06.2017

Awakening a sense of vitality and happiness

Vetropack’s Austrian plant in Pöchlarn is responsible for manufacturing a 0.3-litre flint glass bottle for the high-quality vegan juices produced by Pago.

Pago is part of Eckes-Granini, a company known throughout Europe for its fruit beverages. There are two varieties of the new product “Pago Passion”. The flavour of slightly sour rhubarb combined with sweet pear or the exquisite aroma of Muscat grape trigger a sense of happiness and vitality.

Designed specifically for the two drinks, which do not contain any artificial colourings or preservatives, the bottles are produced by Vetropack Austria. Linear in shape yet with a refined, characterful engraving in the shoulder area, the bottle reflects its delicious contents. The flint glass bottle with its silvery screw cap and transparent label perfectly presents the refreshing drink.