News, 31.10.2016

Awakening anticipation, promising pleasure

Top-quality cognac in top-quality bottles: the Odessa Cognac Factory presents its Shustoff cognac in flint glass bottles specially created for this brand by the Ukrainian Vetropack glassworks in Gostomel.

When shape, contents and brand are combined in perfect harmony, the ultimate goals of marketing have been achieved: recognisability and authenticity. With the new shape of the Shustoff cognac bottle, this has been entirely successful. The 0.375 litre bottle is in the shape of a bell. A bell is also part of the producer’s logo, which appears on the bottle as well. The curving lines of the flint glass bottle, the muted dark-red of the label and shrink capsule that surrounds the natural cork, the gold lettering and the glowing amber of the contents make you look forward to the velvety flavour and the pleasure that is to come. Glass packaging also ensures that you can savour this allround enjoyment to the very last drop.