News, 18.11.2019

Blogger Event - Discovering glass with all the senses

In October, Vetropack hosted its first Group-wide blogger event in association with Friends of Glass. Bloggers from the European countries where Vetropack has a presence were invited to come together to take a voyage for the senses through the world of glass packaging.

The Friends of Glass action platform was set up by the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) in 2008. Friends of Glass unites a community of people from different countries in Europe and beyond who strongly believe that glass is the ideal packaging material thanks to its unique environmental and economic benefits. The European countries with Vetropack sites are part of the Friends of Glass family on account of their membership of FEVE.

This autumn, Vetropack put on its first Group-wide blogger event in partnership with Friends of Glass. It was hosted by Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Italy and Switzerland, all home to Vetropack operations. Sustainability, food, family and wellness bloggers were invited as guests to the event. This awareness campaign helps to encourage bloggers to highlight the advantages of glass packaging to the wider world on their social media channels. This form of communication quickly generates coverage that analogue media could never contend with.

See, hear, taste, smell, touch. The guests discovered the broad variety of glass together. Five different stations – "pure/natural", "environmentally friendly/recyclable", "inert/healthy", "high-quality/attractive" and "innovative" – explored the many faces of the fascinating packaging material that is glass. Guests had the opportunity to touch, smell, taste, hear and see the glass and were left spellbound by the sheer diversity of glass worlds on their voyage for the senses.

Austria kicked off this roadshow. The pictures on this page were taken at the event organized by Vetropack Austria. High above the rooftops of Vienna, the bloggers got a glimpse into the alluring world of glass. The posts shared all around Europe speak volumes about the success of the first Group-wide blogger event.

Our blogger event in Austria, at 10th October 2019 – atmospheric impressions: