News, 17.10.2016

Bottles that make a clear impression

This year, Serbian mineral water producer and distributor Knjaz Miloš has come up with not one, but two innovative bottle designs, with both the eponymous Knjaz Miloš water and Aqua Viva mineral water sporting brand new glass packaging.

The sophisticated, high-quality design of the Knjaz Miloš green 0.75 litre mineral water bottle makes an impression thanks to its clean lines, accentuated by the label in silver, red and green. The calcium and magnesium content of this water is perfectly balanced, making it a favourite with fans of strongly carbonated drinks. It is therefore hardly surprising that the name “Knjaz Miloš” has now become synonymous with mineral water in general. This is reflected in the sense of self-assurance and sturdiness conveyed by the new glass bottle – fully in keeping with the rich history of Knjaz Miloš as a company, which is outlined on the label, and supported by the popularity of its products amongst consumers.

Pure nature

Aqua Viva water represents nature in its purest form: it comes from Bukulja, a volcanic mountain in Serbia, where its deep source – 500 metres underground – is protected by layers of clay and granite. The volume of the new 1 litre flint glass bottle with a screw cap is not obvious at first glance. An embossed band of waves rises up from the slim base, narrowing as it goes before its sweeping lines grow wider and open out into an elegant, slightly larger cylinder with a slender recess for the all-round label. The silvery-blue oscillating shapes depict a stylised mountain landscape, with Bukulja right in the middle. If you concentrate on the bottle’s silhouette, the tapering then widening form creates the impression of water springing up from the rock – which is exactly what the designers intended.

Both bottles are produced at Vetropack’s Croatian plant in Hum na Sutli.