News, 27.06.2016

Brewing in the traditional way

The brewery at Fischingen Abbey has been producing its own beer for about two years. The green and amber glass bottles for it are made at the Vetropack plants in Croatia, Austria and Switzerland.

The small brewery at Fischingen Abbey in the Swiss canton of Thurgau produces high-quality gourmet beers under the name PILGRIM, and the sales make a significant contribution to the maintenance of the abbey buildings.

The Craft Beer and Abbey Beer are bottled in Vetropack bottles from the glassworks in Hum na Sutli, Pöchlarn and St-Prex. The former is available in either an amber 0.75 litre long neck bottle or in a 0.33 litre Gambrinusstyle bottle. Both have crown corks. The Abbey Beer – also known as “Bière d’Abbaye” or “Bière de Trappiste” – comes in 0.75 and 0.37 litre gleaming green sparkling wine bottles. Because of the high alcohol content of 11.5 per cent, the beer keeps well. Presenting the beers in sparkling wine bottles enhances both the content and the appearance.

In addition to these two beers, the abbey brewery also produces seasonal beers for each different season, which like all the beers are brewed to an ancient recipe in open vats. The tradition of open fermentation is now only to be found in a few, mainly small, breweries.