News, 19.03.2018

Classic packaging enhanced with striking designs

Vetropack’s Croatian glassworks in Hum na Sutli produced the glass bottles for a special limited edition of Coca-Cola in Serbia. Vibrant sleeves designed by Serbian artists lend an unforgettable touch of local colour to the iconic contour bottle design.

Whether it comes with or without a label, the Coca-Cola glass bottle is unique and famous the world over. For a special edition to be sold in Serbia, Vetropack Straža produced 0.33-litre flint-glass bottles with a crown cork closure. However, all consumers can see of the crystal-clear bottle itself is its silhouette, as it is virtually entirely covered with a colourful printed sleeve. This is the second time that Coca-Cola has launched an exclusive limited edition of glass packaging for its iconic soft drink.

Six local artists designed the close-fitting sleeves based on the theme of "values and typical characteristics of the Serbian people". Hospitality, ingenuity, creativity, a love of music and good entertainment are just some of the qualities that inspired the six distinctive Coca-Cola bottle designs created by Nemanja Jehlička, Monika Lang, Aleksandar Savić, Vesna Pešić, Petar Popović Piros and EmaEmaEma, artists who are well-known in their country.