News, 09.01.2020

Competition - design your future: future challenge glass

Vetropack Austria GmbH and the Friends of Glass movement would like to invite all Austrian pupils in school grade 5 and above to participate in this competition. The best three entries in the lower grades category (pupils in school grades 5 to 8) and the higher grades category (pupils in school grades 9 - 13) will win prizes of € 100, € 150 and € 200.

Design your future: future challenge glass. It's in your hands! Containers made of glass represent the ideal packaging for foodstuffs. Glass can be 100% recycled, is made entirely of natural materials and glass containers are the only form of packaging that does not release substances into its contents. There is no other packaging material that shares the outstanding properties of glass. If you would like to help the environment and also do something good for your health, you can't do better than select products in glass containers - GLASS for a HEALTHY FUTURE!

The form that your competition entry should take differs depending on whether you are in one of the lower or upper grades at school. Please note that you will have to submit your entry by 11.59 pm on 28 February 2020 at the very latest!

Lower grades category/juniors – pupils in school grades 5 - 8

We would like you to design a poster on the topic of «GLASS for a HEALTHY FUTURE»! So give your creativity full rein. You can deal with any glass-related aspects of your choice that will serve as an inspiration for your entry. There are no limits as to what your entry on the topic of «glass packaging» can look like.

• For example, you might want to design your perfect glass container.
• Or concentrate on the recycling of glass – glass is good for the environment as it can be reused.
• Glass is an «ocean-friendly» packaging material – it does not release substances into the environment and the seas.
• Don't forget that glass is healthy.
• A glass container protects its contents like a bank vault. There are many other aspects you could deal with.

Higher grades category/seniors – pupils in school grades 9 - 13

Concern for our environment is an issue that today is more relevant than ever before. We would like to contribute towards a more healthy future by promoting an eco-friendly packaging material! Glass can be 100% recycled and glass containers do not release substances into their contents - this means glass is the most environmentally friendly and healthiest form of packaging material.

Your entry can take the form of one of the following:

1. What are the advantages of glass as a packaging material? What makes glass the most healthy and eco-friendly container material? Create an informative PowerPoint presentation that showcases all the benefits of glass!

2. Design your ideal glass container – for a healthy future! Realise your ideas in visual form - give your creativity full rein! You can send your artwork to us


Entries must be submitted by 11.59 pm on 28 February 2020.

Click here to view the Conditions of Participation.

Did you know... …that foodstuffs packed in glass containers actually taste better? This is because glass containers are the only form of packaging that does not release foreign substances that can affect flavour into contents and protect these like a bank vault. In additional, glass can be 100% recycled – for this reason, we are FRIENDS OF GLASS.

Click here to view helpful information on glass as a packaging material.


You can, of course, submit your entry by email or upload via wetransfer (; please include the reference line «Future Challenge Glass – YOUR NAME» and send your entry to our competition team at:

Don't forget to add your age, name of your school and your school class.


You can also send your entry by post to us at:

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