News, 30.07.2018

EXPERIENCE GLASS in Pöchlarn – a look behind the scenes of glass manufacturing - Austrian food bloggers visit Vetropack Austria

Austria’s bloggers were given an exclusive tour of the factory of Vetropack Austria, Austria’s leading packaging glass manufacturer, on July 12, 2018, in keeping with the promise ‘EXPERIENCE GLASS in Pöchlarn’. Numerous interested guests answered the invitation of ‘Friends of Glass Österreich’ and used this opportunity to observe the steps taken to make glass packaging, from the melting of the raw materials through to its transformation into attractive packaging. This very special outing culminated in a ‘Déjeuner sur l`herbe’ in the local Wachau style at the vineyards of Winzer Krems, where the healthy and delicious advantages of this unique packaging were celebrated and enjoyed.

The fascination of glass – how the finished packaging is made

The tour began after a welcome talk and an interesting introduction to the world of glass manufacture. Once equipped with their safety goggles and coats the bloggers were able to collect interesting impressions on the journey from the melting of the raw material at approximately 1600 degrees Celsius and the forming of the liquid glass through to the careful inspection of the glass packaging before packing it onto pallets. The topic of recycling is at the forefront for this sustainable packaging material with a 100% closed material loop, a fact that was illustrated perfectly by the used glass that was delivered.

‘Déjeuner sur l`herbe’ in the local Wachau style

A ‘Déjeuner sur l`herbe’ in the local Wachau style provided an enjoyable conclusion to this glass experience, surrounded by the beautiful Wachau scenery. After a tour at the wine producer Winzer Krems this unique, healthy glass packaging in the vineyard setting appealed to all our senses: the guests were able to test all the advantages of glass packaging on a long, festively decorated table: glass protects its contents as if in a safe, maintaining the natural taste of foodstuffs and not allowing anything to penetrate the glass. The wines that had been selected to accompany the menu reflected these unaltered tastes. A wonderful outing featuring health, sustainability and good company – many thanks to all the bloggers who spent the day with us.

Some impressions of the event (Copyright Wolfgang R. Fürst): password: erleben