News, 03.10.2016

Fresh from the glass

FRUXI’s fruit- and vegetable-based beverages reflect the true flavours of nature. They are packaged in green glass bottles made at Vetropack’s Slovakian plant.

FRUXI fruit and vegetable juices offer a pure, unadulterated taste of nature. There are no additives in these fruity drinks, which are made simply by cold-pressing fruit and vegetables without adding any water or sugar.

Such high-quality content deserves packaging that provides reliable protection – something which is guaranteed by the 0.75 litre bottles from Vetropack Nemšová. This is the second time that the Slovakian plant has developed glass bottles for the FRUXI range. The green containers with a twist-off closure feature two parallel rings enveloping the neck area, swelling outwards with the shape of the bottle. The large label makes it clear to consumers right from the first glance what fruits the drink contains and that it is made from purely natural ingredients. The bottles are produced using narrow neck press and blow technology, which ensures even thickness around the bottle walls.