News, 31.12.2018

Fruit Brandy for connoisseurs

Upper Austria’s Puchheimer distillery is passionate about producing fine brandies and liqueurs. Its transparent spirit bottles are made by Vetropack Austria in Pöchlarn in three sizes: 0.5 litres, 0.7 litres and 1 litre.

Spitz, a company steeped in tradition, has been producing fine brandies and liqueurs from local fruits since 1857. In late 2017, the food manufacturer launched the new Puchheimer line of high-end brandies on the market. Vetropack’s Austrian plant in Pöchlarn worked closely with multi-award-winning Austrian designer Johannes Scheer to develop the new flint glass bottles for this range. The bottle’s shoulder area features a motif of Puchheimer Castle depicted in a sweeping line. The strikingly shaped shoulders and conical form give the design an aura of sheer elegance.

The spirit is available in seven different varieties and is produced primarily using fruit from local suppliers. The products therefore retain the essence of lush meadows dotted with fruit trees and fresh spring water from the Alpine foothills. The glass bottles are ideal for protecting and preserving the carefully distilled fine brandies, locking in their flavours.