News, 05.03.2018

Fruity beers

Vetropack’s Ukrainian plant in Gostomel produces the long-necked bottles for the GAISER mixed beer drinks. They contain water from the Poltavpivo brewery’s own spring.

Cherry or lemon? These are the flavours on offer to consumers of the GAISER mixed beer drinks created by the Ukrainian Poltavpivo brewery. The 0.42-litre bottles by Vetropack Gostomel stand out because of their tall and thin body. Their round shoulders, narrow neck and pull-off cap provide the finishing touches to the whole look. In the flint-glass containers, the redness of the cherries and the yellow of the lemons shine brightly and attract attention. "GAISER Kriek Max" is a Belgian cherry beer with a balanced sweet-and-sour cherry flavour as well as a bitter beer taste. "GAISER Lemon" refreshes the palate thanks to its powerful lemon taste combined with subtle notes of grapefruit.

Poltavpivo uses its own spring for the excellent beers, which are renowned far beyond the country’s borders. The combination of local water, modern technology and natural ingredients ensure full-flavoured beers. Whether they are an alternative drink before dinner or a fruity accompaniment to tasty meals – GAISER mixed beer drinks are a highlight both in terms of style and taste.