News, 31.07.2017

Fruity fresh in green

The Juicy fruit juices produced by the Croatian drinks manufacturer Stanić Beverages d.o.o. contain all natural ingredients. Vetropack Straža produces the 0.2-litre green glass bottles that hold the refreshing drinks.

Taking a sip of Juicy fruit juice feels like biting into a succulent apple or filling your lungs with the smell of a freshly peeled orange or a pineapple that has just been cut up. This is because the drinks guarantee 100-per cent fruity flavour thanks to their top-quality natural ingredients and high fruit content with no extra sugar or other additives.

Vetropack’s Croatian plant in Hum na Sutli is responsible for manufacturing the green glass bottles with a screw cap. In keeping with the colour of the bottle, the cap also comes in a matching dark green. Their simplicity and elegance give the bottles a distinctive look. A transparent label adorns the sleek bottle and allows a glimpse of the refreshing contents. Just like their predecessors, the 0.2-litre bottles are used in the hospitality industry. The fruit juices are available in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.