News, 13.12.2017

Glass process technician - a new teaching profession with outstanding prospects at Vetropack Austria

With the introduction of a new teaching profession Vetropack Austria is ensuring that its apprenticeship training continues to provide the required expertise in the glass industry. The profile of the new skilled trade of glass process technician was presented to young people at apprenticeship fairs in Upper Austria and Lower Austria.

Well trained and motivated employees work efficiently and sustainably, are well versed in their area of expertise, aware of the impacts of their work and can deal with problems quickly and efficiently. They are then able to maintain high product quality and to work effectively in accordance with health and safety procedures.

A well-trained workforce is therefore the bedrock of Vetropack Austria. Vetropack has been training apprentices in technical fields since 2008. And from 2018 the company will also be providing training for a new teaching profession with outstanding prospects in Austria - the profession of glass process technician.

Skilled glass process technicians monitor and control production systems: from melting ends through glass-blowing machines to inspection and packaging machines. Most of this machinery is highly automated, and robots are already being employed.

This new teaching profession was presented at the "Profession and School" (Wieselburg, Lower Austria), "Youth and Profession" (Wels, Upper Austria) and "Eini ins Lebn" ("Plunge into life", Kirchdorf, Lower Austria) fairs in order to generate as much enthusiasm as possible among young people for this technical vocational training. Many other companies also strove to fill their available apprenticeship places, since demand for talented young people is strong at present.

The Vetropack apprentice team presented this new skilled traded at three successful trade fair appearances. Among other activities, apprentices developed a game of skill which they also built and programmed themselves. This competition gave young people the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

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