News, 21.01.2019

Good things come in small packages

The distinctive Appenzeller Alpenbitter liqueur is made using 100 per cent natural ingredients. Vetropack’s Swiss plant manufactures the green bottles for this aromatic spirit.

The 0.1-litre green glass bottle packs a lot in – Appenzeller Alpenbitter liqueur contains 42 different herbs and spices and has an alcohol content of 29 per cent. Vetropack Switzerland produces the handy glass bottles in St-Prex. The long, slightly tapered neck flows seamlessly into the round shoulders and lends the bottle its unmistakeable design. The label in the centre depicts Appenzell’s mountainous landscape and the German words for “character”, “style” and “personality” are engraved around the bottle above this. The bottle has a pilfer-proof cap.

In 1902, a Swiss man named Emil Ebneter was experimenting with native medicinal herbs and set in motion the success story of this aromatic liqueur. The spirit’s key ingredients include gentian root, juniper, aniseed and peppermint leaves. The family-run company keeps the secret recipe under lock and key.