News, 01.02.2016

Harking back to childhood

Generations of Austrians grew up with the citrussy soft drink “Schartner Bombe”. Vetropack Austria in Pöchlarn is producing a new edition of the beverage’s nostalgic green glass bottle.

In 1926, a spring was discovered in the Upper Austrian village of Scharten, which guests at the local bathhouse used to drink from. However, the natural taste of this pure spring water was not very pleasant, so Otto Burger mixed it with a fruit syrup from the Lichtenegger food factory. The experiment worked and the drink that still goes by the name of “Schartner Bombe” was born.

The green glass Schartner Bombe bottle is 16.5 cm tall and has a diameter of 6.5 cm. Its key distinguishing feature, however, is the striking bulge in its body, though in fact it has a capacity of just 0.25 litres. Since soft drinks in Europe are usually sold in 0.33 litre bottles, this is one of the main reasons why Schartner Bombe, which is most commonly found in the catering industry, stands out. Vetropack’s Austrian plant in Pöchlarn has recently started producing a new edition of the bottle for this nostalgic soft drink, which generations of Austrians grew up with.