News, 28.11.2016

Health in a bottle

The fruit, vegetable and berry directly expressed juices under the brand name Galicia are produced from high-quality Ukrainian raw materials; and comes in 0.3 litre bottles made by Vetropack Gostomel.

Galicia gained a leading position in the directly expressed juices market in Ukraine. Due to high quality raw naturalness of the product as well as manufacturing juices without concentrate, sugar, water, flavourings and preservatives. Success of the brand contributed to the fact that Galicia juices bottled in 0.3 liters glass bottle which is convenient for the consumer. Vetropack Gostomel in Ukraine uses the narrow neck press and blow process to make a 0.3 litre flint glass bottle. Thanks to this process, the Galicia bottle weighs only 180 grams, without losing any of its stability or other outstanding qualities. It keeps its contents in perfect condition and the screw cap makes it quick and easy to open.