News, 30.05.2016

Healthy products in healthy packaging

Vetropack Austria manufactures glass bottles for Kloster Kitchen’s ginger-based drink IngwerTRINK and for the fruit juices and smoothies produced by SanLucar. These refreshing beverages are packaged in healthy containers that preserve their exquisite flavour and valuable ingredients.

Ginger is used both as a spice and for its medicinal properties, adding flavour to curries, for example, or helping to ward off colds. Ginger lovers and curious types can now also try it in the form of an invigorating drink: IngwerTRINK is inspired by an old monastic recipe and is made by Kloster Kitchen Öko Fairtrade GmbH, which is based in Cudrefin, Switzerland. The bottle for this liquid energy-booster is produced by Vetropack Austria. It is a 0.25 litre Bordeaux bottle in green from the standard range. The colour of the glass combined with an eye-catching silk screen print by the company Printglass gives this drink, which contains pieces of fresh ginger and agave syrup, a subtle and harmonious look, rounded off by a screw cap with a silver lid.

The fruit juices and smoothies made by SanLucar “Fruit to go” GmbH, which is based in the Lower Austrian town of Ebreichsdorf, also offer a fruity, refreshing boost. The 0.25 and 0.65 litre flint glass bottles used for these beverages – and also produced by Vetropack Austria – have a distinctive cylindrical body and are topped off with a handy twist-off cap. The bottles’ elegant label and clear view of the bright coloured liquid inside are designed to make people want to try their high-quality contents. Being made of glass, they are also perfect for preserving the vitamins, flavours and colours of these vitamin-rich fruit- and vegetable-based drinks. SanLucar is an international fruit and vegetable company with headquarters in Valencia, Spain, and subsidiaries in Germany and Austria.