News, 14.01.2019

Ideal as an aperitif or throughout the meal

Vetropack Italia manufactures the cuvée-tinted glass bottles for Tenimenti Civa’s “Ribolla Gialla Extra Brut” sparkling wine. The 0.75-litre bottles with rounded shoulders and a long neck add a touch of sophistication to every party in their new, radiant look. Engraved above the white paper label are the letters T and C, which stand for Tenimenti Civa – the producers of this noble wine.

Ribolla Gialla is an old variety of grapes cultivated in most parts of the wine-growing region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. In Bellazoia di Pivoletto, on Friuli’s eastern hills, Tenimenti Civa grow these ancient grapes to produce dry and sparkling wines. Ribolla grapes make a straw yellow colour wine with a delicate scent of lemon and sage, enriched by a wild strawberry fragrance that gives a pleasant, fresh and yet pungent sensation. It is ideal served at 8°C as an aperitif or throughout the meal.

You can pair Ribolla gialla sparkling wine with delicate fish starters but it is also perfect with fried vegetables, or with a “crostino”, toasted organic bread with a light layer of butter topped with thinly sliced rainbow trout.