News, 26.02.2018

In sync with nature

Honigmayr’s honey comes from plants around the world and is available in wide-mouth jars by Vetropack’s Austrian plant. It is available in 500 g jars for a small treat, while the 1 kg jar is a good option for those who like to use more honey to sweeten their food.

The wide-mouth jars made from flint glass are available in a new design for the honey produced by the Austrian family-owned company Honigmayr. The 400 ml and the 700 ml jars by Vetropack Austria boast elegance and simplicity as well as a new opening. The lid of the deep twist-off closure is slightly higher than the usual one. The paper labels are adorned with a drawing, such as of flowers for the blossom honey. The product name and logo are naturally both clearly visible on the label.

The Salzburg company has a long-standing tradition of producing high-quality natural honey dating back to 1920. The quality of every jar is checked and verified manually. This is because Honigmayr does not just focus on quantity, but rather on quality. Routine, expertise and a love of the craft are at the heart of all it does. And of course the honey suppliers themselves – this natural product would not exist were it not for the bees.