News, 24.12.2018

Italian craft beer

Italy’s "Mastri Birrai Umbri" is now available in a smaller 0.3-litre container. The new cuvée glass bottles are being produced by Vetropack Austria, while the larger 0.75-litre version is made at Vetropack’s Italian plant.

The new 0.3-litre glass bottle design for the Umbrian beer "Mastri Birrai Umbri" has distinctively smooth, rounded shoulders, while its long neck is topped off with a champagne closure. It is manufactured at Vetropack’s Austrian plant in Kremsmünster. The lighter colours featured on the label present a contrast to the dark cuvée glass. Yellow and orange tones are also reflected in the colour of the beer itself. Birra Cotta 21, for example, is a light white beer made with spelt and tastes of lemons and summer fruits. Birra Cotta 68, meanwhile, is more orange in hue. This unfiltered malt beer packs a powerful, bitter punch.