News, 01.04.2019

Learning with Vetropack: Glass processing engineering – a new apprenticeship

Our highly motivated trainers at Vetropack supervise the apprentices during training until they obtain their glass processing engineering qualifications. Basic know-how is taught by appropriately qualified personnel in the apprentice workshop and training centre; apprentices then get their first taste of practical work in the production facilities in Pöchlarn and Kremsmünster. The final theoretical fine-tuning is provided in the vocational college in Kramsach in Tyrol. The friendly and professional environment at Vetropack ensures that each and every trainee is able to achieve their full potential. Our dedicated apprentice supervisors ensure that they all receive the support they need to successfully launch them on their new career paths.

Once they've gained their qualification, the young people can be employed in all technical sectors and have many opportunities for promotion – they can become master glassmakers or even technical managers.

Johannes Schuster, apprentice supervisor:
“The apprentices we train at Vetropack are specialists in the fields of engineering and automation technology. The know-how of the glass industry is unique and obtaining this provides a wide range of future job opportunities. It is important to me that all of our apprentices receive the personal support they need. We help young people find a footing in the professional world.”

For more information, please contact:

Vetropack Austria GmbH
Mr. Johannes Schuster
Manker Straße 49
3380 Pöchlarn/Austria