News, 22.08.2016

Legendary beer

For its new product range, the Swiss Adler brewery in Schwanden, in the canton of Glarus, is drawing on the world of legends. “Vrenelisgärtli” is a naturally cloudy wheat beer with a fruity flavour. The amber glass bottles are made at the Vetropack glassworks in Kremsmünster.

Alpine hikers are familiar with the Vrenelisgärtli (“Verena’s Little Garden”): it’s a striking mountain peak in the Glarus mountains. According to legend, little Verena was once snowed in there. The snow was so deep that the young girl could not escape. The new product range from Adler Bräu, bearing the label “Saagehafts usem Glarnerland” (“The stuff of legends, made in Glarus”), draws on this story.

Vetropack Austria makes the smart amber glass bottles, which have a crown cork mouth. On the label, you can see Verena, sleeping in her garden. The bottle contains 0.29 litres of the naturally cloudy hop-based drink, which is a Belgian Witbier (wheat beer). The top-fermenting yeast gives it its fruity flavour, which is also enhanced with coriander seeds, dried Curaçao bitter orange peel and oats.