News, 05.09.2016

Lime and mint

A flint glass bottle made by Vetropack Gostomel shows off the bright green Villa Bianca liqueur to excellent effect. This aromatic, fruity spirit is a new addition to the existing range of products on offer.

It’s all in the mix, or so they say, and nothing demonstrates this better than the Villa Bianca liqueur from the Ukrainian company Obolon. This alcoholic drink contains a mixture of tangy and aromatic herbs, fruit juice and sugar syrup and gets its refreshing green colour from its combination of lime and mint flavours.

Vetropack Gostomel makes the 0.5 litre flint glass bottle used for this liqueur, which has an elongated body and neck and screw cap closure system giving it a simple, classically elegant look. This sweet delicacy with a hint of fruit brings a breath of fresh air to the Ukrainian liqueur market and adds a little extra something to cocktails or meals.