News, 02.10.2017

Luxury water

Vetropack’s Slovakian plant produces the flint glass bottles for the prize-winning AUR’A source water from Romania. Refined with gold and silver colloids, the water is available in two sizes.

Vetropack Nemšová’s glass designers created the flint glass bottles for the AUR’A source water from the Banat Mountains in Romania in both 0.75-litre and 0.33-litre sizes. The narrow, tall and simple bottle has an ultra-smooth surface and a striking shoulder area. The transparent label bears flowing water and the AUR’A logo – a woman with long hair, extending over her shoulders and turning into waves.

The source water boasts a high pH value and contains gold and silver colloids, which are extremely good for consumers’ health. The 0.5-litre bottle is already in its planning stages. The sumptuous water is well protected in the glass bottle and does not lose any of its valuable ingredients.