News, 22.12.2017

Made from pure malt

Vetropack Straža in Croatia is making the new green glass bottles for Laško beer from the “Pivovarna Laško Union” brewery. The traditional recipe which uses pure malt accounts for the intense, bitter flavour of this Slovenian beer.

The Slovenian Heineken brewery “Pivovarna Laško Union” is selling its unpasteurized Laško beer in new glass bottles made by Vetropack Straža. The green 0.5-litre bottle was based on the Euro beer bottle from the standard range. The new version has a slightly slimmer body and is marginally taller. The multi-trip bottle with crown cork closure is in an impressive, subtle design. The white lettering that is applied to the bottle by the company Print Glass Kurt Mayer, Austria, using a silk screen printing technique, does not stop you having a clear view of the contents.

The beer is brewed to a traditional recipe based on pure malt, giving it a fresh flavor of hops and the authentic bitterness that characterises Slovenian beers.