News, 18.03.2019

Modern design for sumptuous water

Fatra mineral water, filled in glass bottles produced by Vetropack’s Slovakian plant, comes from the most mountainous region of Slovakia. The water is reflected in the unique bottle design that resembles a crystal.

The Slovakian Fatra mineral water in the new glass packing manufactured by Vetropack Nemšová is elegantly preserved like a crystal. Czech designer Jan Čapek came up with the modern design for the 0.25-litre green glass bottles, for which he won the “Grand Czech Design” award. The surface features the silhouettes of countless crystals, with the lettering spelling out the name of the mineral water engraved in the centre.

Developed for hotels, restaurants and cafés, the mineral water originates from the Turiec region. The region is located to the northwest of the country and is surrounded by the Malá Fatra and Veľká Fatra nature reserves, among others. The mineral-rich water is named after both nature reserves.