News, 15.02.2016

Modern packaging for sparkling wine

Vetropack Gostomel is producing the new 0.75 litre bottles for the famous Marengo sparkling wine. The graceful and elegant shape of the body of the bottle sets this product apart from other drinks on the supermarket shelves – and its allure is virtually impossible to resist.

The Marengo sparkling wine produced by the Bayadera Group comes from a vast wine-growing estate covering 2.5 thousand hectares. This gently bubbling beverage is made from the finest European grape varieties, creating a blend of semi-sweet and semi-dry wine enriched with Muscat grapes. Marengo is produced using the traditional French Charmat method. To achieve the best sparkling wine, the mixture is matured in closed tanks, which means that the quality of the wine can easily be checked throughout the maturation process.

The British design studio Lewis Moberly, which is regarded as a trend-setter in European industrial design and works for brands such as Baileys and Moët & Chandon, came up with the Marengo bottle design. The strikingly shaped glass bottles, which are produced by Vetropack’s Ukrainian plant in Gostomel, are bursting with elegance and exclusivity. With its sophisticated olive colour and sumptuously designed packaging, this sparkling wine from Ukraine’s Black Sea coast has lost no time in capturing consumers’ hearts.