News, 18.04.2016

Modern Swiss design

The new packaging design for the refreshing Rivella drinks is inspired by both the long-standing tradition of the brand and a reinterpretation of modern Switzerland. The 0.33 litre glass bottles are produced specifically for the catering industry.

As spring gets underway, the Swiss drinks brand Rivella is getting a whole new look. Unlike the previous version with curved grooves, the new Rivella bottle features distinctive diagonal lines. The criss-cross pattern created by these lines symbolises the Swiss mountains and this theme is picked up again on the label. To ensure that the bottle and label form one harmonious unit, the label is placed on the bottle with great precision during the production process. The new containers, which are finished off with a crown cork, have the same 0.33 litre capacity as their predecessors. Internationally renowned designer Yves Béhar from western Switzerland was tasked with coming up with this completely new image for the brand.

The “Rivella Red” and “Rivella Blue” beverages, the mainstays of the Rivella brand, are packaged in amber glass bottles. The “Rivella Green” variety, which was sold as a limited edition last year in green glass bottles, has now been renamed “Rivella Green Tea” and comes in flint glass bottles. The glass bottles for all three flavours are produced exclusively for the catering industry.