News, 04.02.2019

Natural tea

“Kaluko Natürlich” is red tea made from fruit tea, black tea and peppermint tea. Vetropack’s Austrian plant in Pöchlarn produces the 0.25-litre flint glass bottle for this vegan drink.

Stripped to the bare essentials – that is how the design of the new flint glass bottle manufactured by Vetropack Austria for the Austrian Kaluko tea could be described. The screen print has just as much of a clear and classic look: a simple name with bold, straight lines. Nothing inhibits the view of the long-necked bottle and twist-off cap of the red thirst-quencher.

A few years ago, two young Vorarlberg natives began producing iced tea themselves. The beverage soon became a bestseller in their own five Viennese restaurants. Large-scale distribution of the drink was therefore an obvious next step. The start-up is supported with bottling and distribution by the family-owned company Rauch Fruchtsäfte, which is also based in Vorarlberg.

A blend of fruit tea, black tea and peppermint tea, fruit juice extracts, ginger and mint give the iced tea its natural taste. Kaluko contains no additives and is available in selected retail outlets and in numerous catering establishments.