News, 12.03.2018

New size

Designed with clear lines and a taste that is just as clear, the Italian soft drink Ginger Baladin stands out from the rest. Vetropack Italia produces the flint-glass bottles, which now hold 0.33 litre rather than 0.25 litre.

Great news for lovers of Ginger Baladin: the popular soft drink is now available in a larger bottle. Vetropack’s Italian plant in Trezzano sul Naviglio manufactures the 0.33-litre bottle. The orange-coloured Ginger Baladin shines particularly brightly through the flint glass. The engraving with the logo and the company name adorn the glass container, which boasts a crown cork.

Don’t be fooled by its name – the soft drink does not actually contain ginger, but rather water, cane sugar, lemon juice and herbs. Bitter and sweet orange zest, spices and a hint of vanilla give the drink refreshing yet tangy notes.