News, 04.04.2016

New spirits from Ukraine

Ukrainian consumers will find two new additions in the spirit aisle. The 0.5 litre bottles of Myakush vodka have an unmistakable traditional Ukrainian character and style, while “Salute Limoncello” liqueur, which comes in bottles of the same volume, exudes an exotic aroma. Both are packaged in flint glass bottles made by Vetropack Gostomel.

For many people, no good meal is complete without a drop of vodka or liqueur to finish it off. The range of spirits available in Ukraine now includes two new high-proof products – and whether drunk neat or mixed, as an aperitif or after dinner, connoisseurs of spirits are sure to love them.

Since ancient times, bread has been a symbol of wisdom, fertility, labour and hospitality – all qualities that are reflected in the traditional character of Ukraine. This is something that the Trade House ALKOLINE was keen to convey in its latest product, so Vetropack’s Ukrainian glassworks in Gostomel incorporated these four terms into the glass bottles used to package it.

The 0.5 litre bottle features a cork finish at the top, making it easy to handle, while the flint glass and the smooth contours of the design make it both transparent and light. The labels, also designed in a traditional style, emphasise Ukraine’s national spirit. “Myakush” signifies a sense of warmth and love for one’s homeland. The vodka comes in three different varieties: “Traditional” version characterised by its mild and unadulterated flavour, “Myakush Ryed”, prepared on the basis of a unique recipe using flavoured spirits of ryed crackers, caraway and dill, and “Home Myakush” prepared using spirits of linden and hips which betray special softness, lightness and taste.

Limoncello is a spirit with a fruitier flavour. Ukraine’s take on this popular Italian liqueur is known as “Salute Limoncello” and, as its name suggests, it is based on the lemony drink produced in the Gulf of Naples, the Amalfi coast and Sicily. “Salute Limoncello” contains all the usual Mediterranean ingredients and has the same zesty aroma and rich, harmonious citrus notes.

The design of the 0.5 litre bottle used for the liqueur was implemented by the glass specialists at Vetropack Gostomel specifically for attractively coloured products with an exclusive flavour – so this lemon-yellow speciality is immediately recognisable on the shelf. At first glance, the clear bottle looks a little like a pear, with its elongated body flowing elegantly into its neck. It is sealed with a Guala closure designed especially for spirits. Curved lines accentuate its wide base.

The liqueur, which is produced by NIVA Wine Company Limited, is also available in lychee, almond and strawberry flavour. It is perfect for adding an extra kick to coffee or hot chocolate, mixing with Coca-Cola or on its own over ice.