News, 09.07.2019

NÖ Industry Apprentice Competition - excellent third position

Pöchlarn, June 2019 – every year the WIFI of the Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich (WKNÖ) presents the Apprentice Competition in the sector Industry, in St. Pölten. Bernhard Hackl, apprentice at the Pöchlarn Vetropack plant and his group successfully proved their mettle.

The «Industry 4.0» sector competition team with Bernhard Hackl, apprentice in the final year of training at Vetropack Austria, comprised of representatives from four Lower Austrian businesses. The demanding task required visualisation and construction of a production plant using mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and IT components. Proficiency in traditional drilling and turning was required as well as in programming, the creation of CAD drawings and in IT and the use of modern sensors. The participants also for the first time needed to prove their familiarity with robotics.

With the «Industry 4.0» Apprentice Competition, the Industry sector of the Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich (WKNÖ) also developed a novel type of apprentice competitions, already by now creating a stir and arousing interest on a global level. The only team with a chance of winning will need to include four members, each with a different skill and competency. The participating apprentices were for the first time also required to prove their skills in robotics by «breathing life» into an industrial robot.

Multi-skilled and networked thinking as well as integrated working in production processes are inherently embedded in Vetropack Austria’s daily training. «We ensure that our apprentices will be ready for the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 by imparting on them the tools required to master the tasks future specialists will face. Vetropack in this respect also offers a new apprenticeship course in glass processing technology», explains Johannes Schuster, apprenticeship trainer at Vetropack Austria GmbH.

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Mr. Johannes Schuster
Apprenticeship trainer
Vetropack Austria GmbH
Manker Straße 49
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