News, 22.05.2017

Ready to enjoy

As a snack to tide you over or to serve your guests with aperitifs – nobody needs to wait for long with this antipasto of vegetables and tuna. Simply open the jar and enjoy the contents straight away. The flint glass preserve jar is produced by Vetropack Italia.

The “Antipasto” with tuna in tomato sauce is one of the corner stones of the Italian company F. Illi Polli. Prepared following the traditional Piedmont recipe, the secret that made this product so special is the delicious combination of carefully selected vegetables mix – cucumbers, artichokes, peppers, carrots, olives, onions, cauliflower, mushrooms and capers – combined with tasty tuna and smooth tomato sauce. Perfect both as appetizer and as complete meal for quick lunch to enjoy out of home.

The wide-mouth jar with a twist-off cap is manufactured by Vetropack’s Italian plant in Trezzano. The antipasto comes with a red lid to match its red label, which sticks unobtrusively to the jar. The unpretentious jar holds 0.212 litres.