News, 05.05.2020

Rising sun

Mikado plum wines inspired by Japan are very popular in Ukraine. Vetropack Gostomel has been producing the exceptional Mikado bottles in cuvée for about a decade. The bottle has recently been given a facelift to its unmistakable appearance. It is now produced in white glass and has a diamond engraving.

The sophisticated 0.7-litre bottle stands out for its gently curved lines and its aesthetics. The entire body of the bottle is decorated with crystal engravings, making it shiny and memorable. Another feature of the design is the Mikado brand name, which is embossed under the label surface on the front and back of the bottle. The bottle is both stable and beautiful and stands out on the shelves.

Mikado plum wine is produced in southern Ukraine from natural ingredients and using varieties such as Aligote, Riesling, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Rkatsiteli. A rich taste and silky aroma with plum tones make this exquisite wine an ideal partner for many occasions.