News, 26.03.2018

Shaped by water

This glass bottle, designed to resemble an oxygen cylinder by Vetropack’s Ukrainian plant, is filled with mild vodka. This taste is the result of its special manufacturing process, which mimics a waterfall.

You should never drink vodka as if it were water. Nevertheless, the flint-glass bottle by Vetropack Gostomel brings water to mind because of its unique closure which looks like a tap’s screw top. The same floral pattern can also be seen directly beneath this distinctive cap, above the short neck. The body of the bottle is elegant and linear. The three feet attached to the bottom are one of the 0.5-litre bottle’s eye-catching features, which make the bottle appear bigger. The whole design resembles an oxygen cylinder.

The Vozduh vodka produced by the Ukrainian company LLC National Vodka Company boasts a mild taste, which it gets from the special manufacturing process. The vodka is enriched with oxygen in a special whirlpool during the distillation process, which mimics a waterfall from a height of three meters splashing into a mixing tank. The company, which is based in the Cherkasy region (south-east of Kiev), further developed and modernised this technology especially for this particular vodka.