News, 11.07.2016

Shrouded in legend

Legend has it that Pegasus, the winged horse from Greek mythology, had a hand in making Donat Mg mineral water spring up from the earth for the first time. The green glass bottles used for this magnesium-rich mineral water are produced by the Vetropack plant in Croatia.

Once upon a time, Pegasus flew over Slovenia and was so fascinated by the landscape below that he descended for a closer look, touched the ground and caused the layers in the surface of the earth to move, creating the spring for the beneficial, magnesium-rich mineral water known as Donat Mg.

In 2013, the design agency PointBleu from the Spanish city of Barcelona was commissioned to reposition the Donat Mg brand. The aim was to give the container a look reminiscent of a medicine bottle in order to differentiate it more clearly from the traditional conventional concept of a mineral water bottle. The project proved a success and Vetropack Straža in Hum na Sutli started producing the new green glass bottles for this legendary water in 2016. The body of the 0.75 litre bottle boasts a distinctively simple, classic design with a short neck, finished off with a screw cap.