News, 27.03.2017

Sparkling Muscat perfectly packaged

La Festa is a sparkling wine from Odessa Sparkling Wine Company that has its origins in the vineyards along the Black Sea coast. Vetropack Gostomel produces the olive-green glass bottles for this refreshing, bubbly wine.

When you enjoy a glass of La Festa sparkling wine, you almost feel as if you are on holiday on the Italian Riviera. This is because the glowing, golden-yellow wine is made from Muscat grapes using the Italian “Federico Martinotti” method, better known as the Charmat method. La Festa has the alluring taste of white grapes combined with tropical fruits, acacia flowers, honey and lychees. The elegant 0.75 litre olive-green bottles from Vetropack’s Ukrainian plant complement the refreshing yet sweet flavour perfectly. The clear-cut, gently curving lines make this an extremely stylish bottle sure to catch the eye on any supermarket shelf.