News, 14.11.2016

Spring water from Zurich's local mountain

Fresh spring water straight from the mountain – right in the heart of Zurich’s Old Town. This is “Lokales Wasser 37”, which comes from the city’s very own Uetliberg mountain and is packaged in flint glass bottles produced by Vetropack Austria.

Urs Grütter, the man behind “Lokales Wasser 37”, found a reference to a water extraction right from the City of Zurich from 1559 in the land register excerpt for his property. This entitles him to draw 10.5 litres of water per minute from a pipeline which leads directly into the city, having been laid in 1429 to supply the Old Town with water.

The water is packaged in various bottles, including a 0.5 litre version made by Vetropack Austria – a standard multi-trip bottle featuring a crown cork mouth. Consumers can enjoy this spring water either still or sparkling, but it is only available within a radius of 10 kilometres. The company strongly advocates environmentally friendly consumption and therefore avoids transporting its product long distances. All profits go towards development projects dedicated to providing water in places all over the world.