News, 07.01.2019

Subtle summer wine

Vetropack’s Czech plant in Kyjov produces flint glass bottles for the Muse rosé wine from the Romanian vineyard Recaş. The motifs on the sleeve glow in various colours under UV light.

The Romanian vineyard Recaş has pulled off a master stroke with its Muse rosé wine, which has been on the market – mainly in hotels, restaurants and cafés – for four years now. The drink’s subtle colour is set off perfectly by the flint glass bottles made by Vetropack Moravia Glass. The 0.75-litre bottle from the standard range features a bail-top finish and is wrapped in a matte sleeve. Under UV light in clubs and bars, the delicate floral designs on the sleeve change colour: on the day version they glow yellow, while on the night model they turn from blue to pink. Aside from their variations in colour, the two versions are also easily distinguished by the sun and moon motif on the sleeve.

Recaş is one of the largest vineyards in Romania, with a range spanning 65 different wines and sparkling wines. From low-priced options through to premium products, all tastes are catered for.