News, 19.02.2018

Sweet and fruity delights as far as the eye can see

Vetropack’s Czech plant in Kyjov has come up with two dazzling flint-glass containers from its standard range for the food manufacturer Madami. Lovers of sweet things can enjoy raspberries in two different varieties and honey containing pieces of orange.

The glass containers produced by Vetropack Moravia Glass for the Czech food producer Madami are full of contrasts. The 1-litre bottle for the raspberry concentrate has a slim body, which tapers slightly from the shoulder to the top. The twist-off cap creates that well-known "pop" sound when opening the bottle. Fruit concentrate is perfect for making exquisite hot drinks or for refining dishes. The raspberries are full of summer flavour, which is great for conjuring up a bit of sunshine on cold winter days too.

The "warm raspberries" have the same taste and are stored in a 520-ml flint-glass jar shaped like an amphora. Covered with gold and pink paper, the twist-off cap also has a gold band bearing the label. The raspberries can be used to refine desserts or sweet dishes. Madami also uses this jar for its honey featuring candied oranges and slices of fresh orange. This sweet spread also contains orange and fruit concentrate – so lovers of fruity honey can rejoice!