News, 18.09.2017

Sweet temptation

The traditional Viennese company STAUD’S is combining fruit and coffee with chocolate. Vetropack Austria in Pöchlarn produces the clear 0.12-litre jar for these trendy creations.

The trademark feature of STAUD’S of Vienna, an internationally renowned maker of delicatessen products, is its octagonal jar with a black lid. Vetropack Austria produces flint glass jars containing 37 to 580 ml of STAUD’S exclusive specialities. There are now more than 220 different kinds of sweet and savoury delicacies available in Vetropack glass jars. In its latest creations, STAUD’S enhances fruit and coffee with Grand Cru chocolate coatings made by Felchlin, a traditional maker of Swiss Grand Cru chocolate. The distinctive 0.12-litre jar made at the Austrian Vetropack plant in Pöchlarn offers a very special tactile experience even as you pick it off the shelf. The black lid and equally dark-coloured label round off the elegant appearance.

The new sweet temptations come in four different varieties: raspberry, sour cherry, banana and coffee. Whether you spread them on bread or use them as the finishing touch on a dessert, the top-quality ingredients make for an exquisitely chocolatey treat.