News, 27.11.2017

Tangy refreshment

The new hop lemonade “HOPS” by the brewery Zipf, which belongs to the Austrian brewers’ union Brau Union Österreich, is well-protected against the effects of light. Vetropack Straža’s flint glass bottle stands out from the crowd due to its integrated UV protection.

With its latest beer creation, HOPS, the Upper Austrian brewery Zipfer realised that beer doesn’t always have to be alcoholic, perfectly in tune with current trends. Alcohol-free beer drinks are becoming more and more popular. Vetropack Straža produces the 0.33-litre flint glass bottles. This bottle boasts integrated UV protection – the light-deflecting components are only added to the melt glass in the feeder (forehearth). The Zipfer brewery’s distinctive logo is embossed on the shoulder of the bottle, while the base is adorned with the words “Brauerei Zipf” (“Brewery Zipf”). An amber glass version of the 0.33-litre bottle is also manufactured at Vetropack’s Kremsmünster plant.

Six different varieties of hops refine the HOPS drink. Subtle, tangy hop flavours, fruity lemon juice and a shot of alcohol-free Zipfer beer hit just the right spots of an adult’s palate. The thirst-quencher is not as sweet as other lemonades.